The Case for Digitally Archiving “Remember The ABA”

Remember The ABA
Remember The ABA

Not many sites on the internet are dedicated to the life and times of the American Basketball Association (ABA). Of the handful that attempt to address the league only Remember the ABA and do any serious, credible job at it. But even here there is a discrepancy. is wonderful for cataloging the quantitative data and also having rare photographs.

However, only Remember the ABA truly gives historical context, depth and nuance to the defunct basketball league and its players. Statistics, photographs, biographies and even audio clips are preserved here for posterity to enjoy. However, since this website is the only one truly dedicated to this task, if it were ever lost the basketball world would surely suffer.

This particularly because the two “guaranteers” of basketball history in North America aren’t much concerned with the ABA. The National Basketball Association (NBA) has never been too good about addressing the role that the ABA had in altering the NBA’s landscape via labor disputes, anti-trust legal actions, and the ultimate merger between the two. The other “guaranteer” is the Basketball Hall of Fame. It has been notoriously awful at respecting the place the ABA has had in basketball’s development. Only until the last two years has the Hall of Fame really taken serious the benefits of the ABA and its players.

It’s an interest that can prove transitory and fleeting.

Remember the ABA since 1996 has ensured the ABA’s place is not forgotten, but without the monstrous financial resources of the NBA or any other generous benefactor, it’s survival cannot be guaranteed. Hence, why I believe digitally archiving this site is a worthwhile endeavour for the future of basketball humanity.

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