Fear of a New Vernon Maxwell

c_richca (flickr)

A few nights ago watching the Cleveland Cavaliers take on the Miami Heat, I found myself incensed and enraged at what was taking place.

I’m not a Miami Heat fan. So, I wasn’t perturbed by Cleveland leading for most of the night. I wasn’t disturbed by the endless turnovers and bonehead plays that kept Cleveland ahead.

I’m not a Cleveland Cavaliers fan. So, I have no lingering antipathy for LeBron James. I wasn’t devastated by not seeing Kyrie Irving play.

What had me pissed, however, was a particular player of the Cavaliers, who I had yet to see play for an extended period of time this year. This player took a never-ending stream of off-balance, contested, unfathomably awful shots.Worse yet, he seemed delighted in his spectacle. Truculent in doing all that chucking.

And seeing this horrific scene brought to mind one frightening thought: MY GOD! DION WAITERS IS THE NEW VERNON MAXWELL!!!

Unfortunately, to paraphrase and adapt Rasheed Wallace, the numbers don’t lie

As someone who grew up watching Vernon Maxwell, this is an unfortunate turn of events for Cleveland fans and folks who enjoy intelligently played basketball. Mad Max was drunk on the power of delivering a hot streak. Oh sure, he’d get it every once in a while to bring the Rockets back or surge them ahead. But these streaks of fools’ gold belied the fact he was a terrible shooter.

(Maxwell was a good, if not stellar, defender, though.)

Watching Waiters against Miami was like watching Maxwell resurrected. I fear this Reincarnated Zombie Maxwell will bring fear and depravity to the shores of Lake Erie for years to come.



Yes, there’s a but…

He could still learn the fine art of judicious shot selection. He can lay down the grail of selfish hero-ball and drink from the righteous cup of prudent shooting. This is Waiters after just 13 games. No one should ever write an article genuinely concluding and comparing a rookie after a handful of games to a player who’s been in the league for ages. But the frightful seeds are there with Waiters. Just hope they never blossom into a Maxwellian lotus of despair and fright.

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